PETASIL was born out of 3 friends’ dreams to make kids shoes. 

The plan was to work for themselves by running their own business. The name of each of the 3 friends was the base of the PETASIL brand name as PEreira, TAvares and SILva.

Their dream came true and they founded the company by April 1988 in the heart where the shoe industry is still based until nowadays. Since then it has been a nonstop growing and developing business. Pereira was more involved in design and patterns making while Silva was more in charge of producing the shoes according to the market needs. Tavares is in charge of the commercial and financial areas.

This fantastic team went together till the time Silva left the company in 1999 and the other two stayed together till 2020 where Pereira decided to retire with his 81 years of age. He started in the shoe industry at 11 years old along with Mario Tavares grand-father, then with Mario Tavares father and until nowadays with Mario Tavares the actual company owner who belongs to one of the largest shoe making families in town. Mario Tavares daughter the 4th generation member of the Tavares family, joined the company recently in 2021 who brought more young feelings and thoughts to the continuity of the business.




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